Seasons of the Little Colorado River Gorge & Tributaries

During ideal times, the Little Colorado Gorge can be an absolute, magnificent paradise. Although it’s difficult (if not impossible) to predict them very long in advance, most days of the year fall into this category.

Dry Gorge Conditions

An otherworldly turquoise river runs perennially through the lower 20 miles of the gorge during extended periods of dry weather. The river is fed by a constant stream of groundwater, and flows briskly even during the hottest days of summer.

The Gorge Under Flow

When water pours in from the plateaus above, the Little Colorado loses its pristine blue waters. Significant flows course through the gorge a few times each year, carrying thick loads of silt and sediment. In high waters, many places in the gorge can become an absolute deathtrap.

Grand Falls, feeding directly into the Little Colorado gorge downstream

Every few decades, monumental floods tear through the narrow walls with enough violence to carve rock and alter the landscape. It is a staggeringly beautiful place, but also one that must be explored with considerable caution and planning.

A few time each millenia, massive storms inundate the vast plateau that drain into the Little Colorado gorge. Waters of biblical proportions surge down the gorge, even more voluminous than the Colorado itself. The river level can raise overnight by one hundred feet or more, inundating the narrow canyons in a ferociously powerful surge from wall-to-wall.

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